hello googlers, stumble upon’ers, twitter followers and people who were so lucky to have gotten referrals to this blog – thanks for checking it out!

my aim for this blog is to offer up some honest and hopefully interesting commentary on life, love, sex, guys, girls, dating, music, movies, tv, trends, sports, food, and well, you know, any random thing that may be on my mind – whether at the forefront or back of my mind, off the top of my head, or out from some nook, cranny, crevice or corner of my mind. heh heh, get it? huh? huh? [so that explains the whole “…from the cluttered corners of my mind” concept, right?]

inspiration will come from my own experiences, thoughts,  and conversations on these subjects and incidentally this blog will also include some of the experiences of my friends…and boy, do they have some experiences I’d like to share with you!

if at any point you have  a topic you’d like for me to blog about or any question you’d like me to answer, just send me an email at clutteredcornersblog@gmail.com

or tweettweetaleet me @clutteredblog on twitter.com

thanks and spread the word,




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