the only time it’s right to hold onto mr. wrong…

4 Sep

nail color recommendation: HARD CANDY – mr. wrong

went to the store in search of some new nailpolish and the first one I picked up just happened to be named – mr. wrong. I laughed a bitter laugh that I haven’t laughed in a long time. oh universe, how you kill me. anyway, great color, highly recommended. super fun and edgy and hey, mr. wrong comes with a cute ring that I will gladly accept!

next and first real entry: taking a stand against one night stands.

and this chick ain’t no stranger to one night stands. you’ll be hearing a few horror stories…well, okay, some won’t be so horrific, maybe just hot. maybe.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT & find out why



[image credit goes to: because color didn’t come out so good on my camera, yikes. check her out!]


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